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Social Media Marketing: The Future of Advertising

“If you’re romantic with the way things have always been done; you’re gonna lose,” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Social media platforms connect people all over the world beyond the geographical boundaries. Owing to the brilliance in its concept, the social media is gaining global popularity at a feverish scale. Within the 2nd quarter of 2016, Facebook reported that it has close to 1.8 billion active users per month. Now, the numbers just keep on adding up.

Through time, these people had begun to see the opportunity for business. That with all the data they have, social media platforms could cater to people needs by undertaking their usage behavior, such as user’s interest, likes, educational background, hobbies etc. To make both ends meet, social media marketing was born to help businesses reach out to their customers in a better and friendlier way. Want a better future for your business? Consider social media marketing.

The Social Media Platforms I Work With

My social media strategy is highly focused on two famous platforms – Facebook & Instagram. I simply restrict my scope & specialize into these two as I am a native user of these mediums compared to the others – I know how to speak the right “language”. Apart from that, here’s the rationale behind these choices.


Targeted Customer

Make full use of Facebook’s enormous data by targeting your audience based on the age, gender, profession & others to make it more relevant.

It’s where everybody is

Almost 1 billion users are on Facebook each day, and Facebook ads will show up within the stories users share. So, it means more visibility for your ads.

Optimum Business Results

Facebook advertising is convenient that it provides people with essential information about your business. At the same time, you can track your ad’s performance.


Enthusiastic Community

More than half a billion users visit Instagram on a daily basis worldwide. Each user is a passionate one and appreciates what they view.

The Artistic Approach

Thanks to the simple yet unique interface – one image at a time, Instagram guarantees attention by the audience. It all goes down to your ad appearance.

Non-Verbal Language

Apart from reading, visual-based Instagram ads inspire users to see a business from a different angle. The visual language will definitely capture their emotion.

Services Offered

Here’s what I can do for you

Social Media Marketing

All social media marketing methods need to have the 3 pillars; that is the creative, a sufficient budget & schedule. I can help you optimize your ad’s effectiveness & eventually drive sales with appropriate copy testing methods.

Social Management

It’s not just about marketing per se. I also offer social media account management services to keep your business alive & attract customers in order to position your brand better. Not entertaining active users is a missed opportunity.



You may already have your social media team but perhaps their skills are limited. This is where I come into the picture and share with you effective social media strategies to boost your customer engagement.

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